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    21-Lucifer Has A Moment of Triumph

    (excerpt from Chapter Four--pp. 39-41)

    “Yes, your gratitude is overwhelming.”

    “More sarcasm?  Aw, how did such a pretty angel get so jaded?”

    “Perhaps it is the shrieks that rise to Adonai’s ears from those you torture.”  Rapha felt the fury those cries ignited when Adonai withheld permission to destroy Lucifer and his strongholds.  “Perhaps it is the ongoing disbelief that one who had all heaven and earth laid at his feet could yet be dissatisfied….”

    Lucifer cut him off with a hiss.  “All heaven and earth laid at my feet in order to steal it away!”  The intensity of his gaze sought to strip the thoughts from Rapha’s mind.  “Do you think I cannot perceive Adonai’s schemes?  Do you think I cower in fear of almighty retribution?  While He has rested, I have grown strong.  No more do I await Adonai’s pleasure.  I take what is mine!”

    “And promptly bring it to ruin.”

    “And prove Adonai’s impotence!”  Lucifer smiled as Rapha winced.  “It goads you, doesn’t it old friend?  You have strained at heaven’s leash desiring to save a few pitiful beasts.  Ah!  If only you had cared so deeply for our angelic brothers, I never would have had to resort to drastic measures….”

    “Do not blame your depravity on me!” 

    “New talents arise when one is betrayed.” 

    Rapha studied the accusing eyes, realizing Lucifer actually believed his own lies.  “Adonai was betrayed.  He is constantly provoked and grieved, yet He remains pure.”

    “Not caring that his inaction tortures you.” 

    With diabolical precision Lucifer had found the chink.  Sensing vulnerability, he aimed to deepen the wound, his voice a razor-thin whisper.

    “Is it really long-suffering holiness, or is the Almighty afraid of failure?”

    Without a conscious thought Rapha’s anger flashed, slamming Lucifer through tall evergreens, leaving a wide, torn path in his wake.  Even as rumbles and cracks of crashing trees continued, Lucifer’s laughter echoed back through that corridor of destruction, growing nearer as he glided back into sight, small forms floating into his outstretched arms.  Soon Rapha could discern the mangled bodies of squirrels, birds and reptiles held close to Lucifer’s bosom.  He strode to Rapha and dropped the still twitching carnage at his feet. 

    “Look who drew first blood.  So promptly you bring Adonai’s creation to ruin.”   

    Speechless, Rapha slipped to the ground, horrified by the result of his rage.  He lifted each body, gently separating fur from feather and scale among the bloodied mass, hardly noticing when five large, evil-eyed angels settled around him.  Normally he would have summoned his own contingent but the pain displayed before him was his own fault.  A deep, guilty part of him hoped to receive the pounding he deserved when he felt the force of their combined wills paralyze his body.  He didn’t even resist when crushed forward into the blood of the maimed creatures.

    (end excerpt)


    Total brokenness.  Not mere regret, but the kind of devastation that would give anything to make things right.

    Remember, devastation doesn't have to be the end of the story.  Often it's the absolute BEST beginning.

    Here again, I had assumed angels were these one-dimensional, predictable/boring automatons with no will of their own.  I realize now my image probably had more in common with zombies than with true, faithful angels.  But God does not make robots.  He leaves free will intact even when someone professes total surrender to His will.

    It was interesting to explore this relationship between the long-suffering Rapha and Lucifer.  Maybe it just makes me feel better to imagine even angels might blow it once in a while and flash out with emotion before getting God's heart on a matter.  

    What is your impression of angels?  How would you imagine their appearance?  Wings or no?  Why do you think, from a Holy God's point-of-view, they are necessary at all?

    And, interesting thought, how do you think Jesus' life, death and resurrection affected/affects them?

    THE FALL is my first published novel. Hopefully there will be many more to follow, but regardless, I'm hooked--addicted to the written word.

    Click the link at the top of the page for more information about The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL.


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