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    Adam Finds God Outside the Garden

    *One morning Adam rose early, gazing with tenderness on the girl-woman who slept on in the pre-dawn light.  He had been taught so much about how to manage animals and nature, but how could all that knowledge aid him when he simply needed to keep food in their mouths?  How he wished for Adonai’s limitless wisdom that he had enjoyed in the garden.  He recalled their conversations.  They usually followed a simple line.  He would ask a question and the Maker would answer, sometimes with another leading question, sometimes with a story.

    “How I need You, Adonai,” he intoned without thinking.  “I can’t believe You have forgotten us or didn’t have a plan for our survival here.  You know everything.  You are so kind and good, it is just so much harder to believe in You when I can’t see You every day.  But I know You.  You would not want her to be hungry.  You would show me a way if You could.  I know You hear me, but how do I hear You?What do you need? For God to do some sky-writing or something?

    He recalled the words Adonai had spoken when He had joined them as man and wife.  How did that go? 

    “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.” 

    At the time Adam had not understood the meaning.  Now those words made sense.  He and Eve had finally become true mates when ties with their old life were severed and they were forced to rely on each other.  There had been nowhere to run when their pain had bubbled over.  They were forced to trust each other with their vulnerability and therefore they had melted into one—just as surely as two mounds of precious metal became one when Rapha had placed them in fire. 

    So this was part of Adonai’s plan?  No, Adonai could not intend evil, it was not in His nature, but He had known.  He had known everything that was to come.  He had even known their love would flourish outside the safety and ease of the garden.  So, could Adam surmise that Adonai’s plan was still unfolding according to its purpose?  Could he hope that he and Eve had not completely failed?  Hope warmed him.  Was Adonai so powerful He could even work beauty from their complete failure?

    That thought almost choked him.  Shouldn’t he hold that failure close to remain truly sorry for it?  Wasn’t it his future to dwell in that failure forever?  He could not fix it, he could not turn back time and undo it, but was it possible he needed to let it go?

    He hopped to his feet, pacing as the rim of morning sun blazed out to greet him.  He caught his breath at its beauty.  Overhead a flock of ducks flew east and appeared to be swallowed by its brightness just as a fresh breeze, like a kiss blown from Adonai’s mouth, brushed his cheek. 

    He recalled another conversation with Adonai when he had questioned why the sun appeared and disappeared each day.  “It is a picture of my love, that my mercy is new every morning, that no matter how dark the night may be, a new day awaits and my love is renewed.”

    Those words had carried little meaning for a young man wrapped in the lap of luxury and contentment but now he grasped them like a lifeline.  Adonai’s love was new every morning.  Every day He offered a fresh start—even for a cocky manchild who had to lose everything to realize how much he had.

    Then it hit him.  He felt renewed much like he had after lounging in Adonai’s arms in Eden.  He had asked and Adonai had answered!  All the words from their many conversations were in his heart, just waiting for him.  They were like the seeds placed in the ground, hidden but taking root, growing in secret until finally their meaning broke through the soil of his stubborn mind.  Gratitude flooded his being and he cast himself to the ground.  Adonai was here, unseen but still present, still available to give counsel and comfort. 

    *Excerpt of THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1) from the chapter titled "Sacrifice"


    How strange it would be to have total access to God and live in a perfect paradise only to then have to adjust to work and worry and stress.  You know, the kind of lives we live in this modern age.

    But this is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.  This, in the midst of confusion and doubt and circumstances that seem to scream that there is no God, is where true faith can shine like a bright star on the darkest nightOur sweet Hannah-banana having a God-moment at the beach..  Often, though, that moment comes when we have reached the end of ourselves, when we are desperate and truly have nowhere else to turn.

    We try to make such a mystery of prayer that we give up, say it doesn’t work and forego praying at all.  I love the simplicity of Adam reaching for God with all his heart, even though he doesn’t feel worthy and doesn’t even  know for sure if communication with God is possible outside of paradise.  But he is convinced of Adonai’s goodness and has faith in Adonai’s character, that God would at least care about their desperate circumstances.

    Prayer is simply communion, conversation if you will, with God.  There is example after example of God speaking with folks who are not “good enough” in the Old Testament and numerous examples of Christ conversing with the outcasts of his day, so toss aside the feeling of “I’m not good enough to talk to God.”  He’s reaching for you.  Reach back. 

    Silly pic courtesy of my sis-in-law, Terri. Trust me, I never feel "good enough." But God's goodness covers that.

    Chana is a wife, mom of four and author.  She and her family live in southern CA with a menagerie of pets. Fix her a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies and she will be your friend for life. Gush about Jane Austen with her and she will put you in her will.


    THE FALL--bitesize--5 Why I Shouldn't Have Superpowers

    (from chapter 1 of THE FALL, p. 11)

    Rapha’s mind skipped immediately to a more recent memory. 

    It was another day atop Luc’s favorite mountain.  When Rapha appeared, Luc was tracing a lazy finger in the air to swirl a dark cloud in the sky above him.  “You heard?”

    Rapha allowed a tight smile, “How could I not?  Your anger still resounds through the cosmos.” 

    Luc sneered, “Gabriel.  Michael.  ‘Thank you, Adonai!’” he mocked, “‘We will honor and obey.’”  A spasm of fury flicked across Luc’s features, “They grovel while Adonai humiliates….”

    “No!  They were chosen because they refuse to stir contention about what they do not understand.…”

    “Unlike me.”  Luc finished, his eyes piercing, his hands clenched into fists.  “I, who have been closer to Adonai’s counsel than any other; I knew this was coming.  I warned you.  I understand all too well.”

    “And make assumptions based on a glimpse of His plans.”

    “Assumptions?”  Luc’s volume rose,  “What more is there to know?  Adonai announced it.  He plans to elevate these creatures,” Luc spat the word, “to give them dominion over this place.  Can you honestly say that is no insult to us, His servants of light, His firstborn?”

    “You mean insult to you, Adonai’s favored.”

    “Yes.  Insult to me.  If anyone should be offered dominion it is I.  I, who have been Adonai’s most trusted, the morning star of all His creation, not some vile creature of dust!”

    “But you told me Adonai will dwell within them.  They will be children of the Most High in every sense and one day His highest purpose will be realized through one of them—“ but Rapha’s words were cut off by a whizzing blow and his mouth tasted earth from the chunk of mountain that had hit him.  Immediately he transformed into his transparent body but Luc was one step ahead.  Cords of light were flung ‘round Rapha’s chest and were tightening their painful grip even as Lucifer, arms outstretched, summoned a continuing barrage of rocks and trees as he spun in the air like a malevolent cyclone.


    And there it is... the reason I CAN'T be trusted with superpowers.  How many times have I felt rage take over, that horrible moment when nothing else matters but me-and-my-feelings!

    I hate to think of the destruction that I would have caused, and then regretted, if I had been capable of acting on flashes of anger.

    Then I look at today's headlines--public beating of a woman in Egypt, killer typhoon in the Philippines, wars, racism, cruelty, pettiness--and I think, how does God do it?

    How does God see it all, everything at once, and remain holy?

    If it was up to me, I woulda raised a hand at some point in history and just wiped them all out!

    Thank God it's not up to me.  But there is something that's up to me.  God asks that I worship Him, inspite of, because of, in the midst of the chaos of evil.

    "In everything give thanks."  (Ya gotta be kiddin' me, right?)

    "I will bless the Lord at all times.  His praise will continuously be in my mouth." 

    Why?  Why does God ask us to do what is SOO counterintuitive when hell seems to be winning?

    Because THAT is when and how we knock evil off the throne--when we focus on the fact that God is forever and always worthy of praise--especially when we don't understand.  Especially in that moment when we would love to be the big, bad God raining down a can of whoop-a*# on the world.

    But when we worship, even through gritted teeth and bitter tears, we are proclaiming that HE is Lord--not the emotion, not evil.

    Then, when the emotion is spent and our eyes are fixed on Him and His endless-still-waters-of-holiness, we listen... and proclaim "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." 

    My favorite things are God, family, and the written word but I also brake for chocolate, old barns, and people who live passionately. THE FALL is my first published novel. Hopefully there will be many more to follow, but regardless, I'm hooked--addicted to the written word.

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