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    The 30/30 Prayer Challenge


    Prayer can be an intimidating thing. It's also just difficult to wrap our heads around the fact the God of all the universe loves to spend time with us. There are so many hang-ups that can block our way.

    Here's a novel thought borrowed from Nike: Just Do It!

    1. Commit to a regular time with your Heavenly Father.

    2. Show up.

    3. Repeat Every Day.

    One method of Prayer to get started

    Here's the challenge:

    1. Commit to spending at least 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days in prayer.

    2. Report to the Facebook Page: 30/30 Prayer every day to encourage, give prayer requests, ask for encouragement, etc. Whatever helps you in the journey, that's what we're here for.

    3. Invite friends you think would want to join the 30/30 Challenge.

    Prayer Challenge begins November 7 and ends December 7.

    Together, we'll see what God will do.

    Joining 30/30 Prayer isn't mandatory, of course. Prayer is an anytime/anywhere thing. 30/30 Prayer is to help us all make Prayer part of our daily routine and see what God can do when we aim at the center of His heart together.

    Besides, Prayer is Never wasted time.




    The Cross Through Jesus' Eyes

    Recently, to honor the passing of one of our favorite actors, my family viewed the incredible movie Dead Poet’s Society. In one iconic scene, Robin Williams, as the eccentric Professor Keating, tells his students that he steps up on his desk to “remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”

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    When I Am Weak...

    I've been combing through my journal entries from a few years back, reviewing the process of writing The Fall and came across this. Hopefully, those of you who think you don't have what it takes to seek God on a regular basis will see there's no surefire formula. He takes our weakness, and flows through

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    An Ultra-Ugly Topic

    Spiritual entities don’t die. They just change their clothes, so to speak, as they change the humans through which they manifest. The evil that flowed through Pharoahs and Caesars, Alexander the Great and Hitler, is still here. It just morphs to thrive in a new generation.

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    The #1 Key Ingredient to Powerful Prayers

    The power of blessing and cursing really is in the tongue. It’s not only the rudder for our individual lives, it’s the rudder that guides the course of the whole world. It’s effects even reach into the spiritual world, into the eternal world. “Speak it!”

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