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    A Prophecy of Hope

    Over the past decade of daily prayer, I’ve often wondered that God has never sounded the alarm in my heart instructing us to stockpile, build a stronghold or otherwise prepare for tribulation. This morning, He spoke of the coming shaking but it was in an entirely different tone.

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    The Prayer Matrix

    Image from: http://www.catch22.net/software/matrix-screensaverFor some time now I’ve been praying about and grappling with the deeper meaning behind Jesus’ miracles. Of course there’s the obvious: Jesus heals. But I just knew there was a deeper application to His miracles since that’s the way God works. Nothing is ever wasted.

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    When Prayer. Is. Hard.

    I admit, it’s a blow to faith when God moves in a powerful way yet the ones for whom you prayed still deal with hellish circumstances.

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    Three Hymns/Common Theme

    The three hymns that rolled through my mind during morning prayer:


    1. Take My Life & Let It Be
    2. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
    3. I Surrender All


    Hmmm. Detecting a pattern here.

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    Strawberry Brownie Trifle


    We're aiming for a healthier lifestyle, but when we do have dessert, we wanna hit it out of the ballpark. Here's a favorite crowdpleaser that can be easily tweaked to go chocolatey or fruity depending on preference.

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