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    Grieve, Mourn & Wail--Joy is On the Way

    So often I go through day after day kinda forgetting that I'm surrounded by people who are dying and moving toward an eternity without God.
    When the reality of that fact breaks through, even a moment, its unbearable.

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    Web or Net?

    The Internet. The World Wide Web. Digital Streaming.

    Our modern world is a flood of information, into every household with a power source, into every hand with a mobile phone, and most of that flood is divisive, fear-filled, degrading, addictive filth that appeals to the very basest of human inclinations and appetites.

    Web: a network of fine threads constructed by a spider from fluid secreted by its spinnerets, used to catch its prey.

    We can sit back and bemoan this fact OR turn that stream into opportunity.

    A web indicates ensnaring, a capturing of a victim much like a spider catching insects born on the breeze; spinning an almost unseen but strong, sticky death-trap. The more the victim struggles, the stronger the grip.

    Yes, the World Wide Web is pervasive, beguiling, confusing, and, often, downright evil. But what if we turned this scenario on its head? Arm-in-arm, we, the Body of Christ with connections to virtually every race, religion, business enterprise, intellectual philosophy, and socio-economic strata, have an opportunity to build a NET—fishing the desperate out of the flow of fear-mongering, debilitating, addictive bottom-feeders intent, through greed, to suck the soul from this generation.Image from http://www.greenpeace.org

    Net: an open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven together at regular intervals.

    Here’s the thing, though. As long as we’re caught in our own little traps of us-versus-them or even my-ministry/business-versus-your ministry/business, we’re just one more voice of greed in all the noise.

    Let’s change our thinking, Body of Christ. As Gungor sings on their new album One Wild Life: Soul with the timely tune, Us For Them, “We are better together.” (BTW, the whole album is amazing—a spiritual, musical, gut-wrenchingly honest feast www.gungormusic.com)

    The plan?

    Seek God’s Face. Daily get alone with Your Heavenly Daddy. Bring a humble heart before Him. Place Him as the primary goal and focus of all you do every day so you are more and more conformed to and transformed by His boundless, fathomless, unwavering, relentless love. Only through vital connection with Him will we have His love flowing through us, the cords to catch those caught up in the world’s cesspool.

    Scour the Internet for TRUTH, voices proclaiming beauty and freedom and self-sacrifice and LOVE and SALVATION and TRANSFORMATION through Christ’s indwelling Holy Spirit.

    Share these messages, videos, stories, songs, inspirational memes, etc. with those entwined in your life, those God has placed all around you.

    Speak Out! You too have a voice, unique and fashioned like a key to fit the aching void of those who are desperate and lost all around you.

    Together, Body of Christ, arm-in-arm, we can build an INTER-NET of love, forgiveness, faith, truth, hope and joy, to stretch across the www flood of destruction.

    Stand together.

    Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you… 2 Thes. 3:1

    Chana Keefer is wife of one, mom of four and best selling author of four.

    Chana lives in Southern California with her amazing husband, four radically unique kids and a Siberian Husky who reminds her how to enjoy every moment.


    Are You Going to Continue This Craziness?

    I was struggling this morning—again—with the call God has put on my life and writing compared to the paltry-seeming effectiveness of my daily efforts.

    My hubby, as usual, was very supportive; praying, rubbing my back, letting me vent, etc. As he was praying, God brought to mind Abraham and the promise that “I will make of you a mighty nation.” Now this was absolutely a promise from God but when days, weeks, months and even many years passed with no sign of that promise coming to pass, Abraham and Sarah had doubts. Big doubts. There was no human way that promise was ever going to happen and I’m sure the promise, such a wonderful word from God, began to feel more like a curse. 

    I can so relate to this. The hope and promise of my heart far outstrips what is humanly possible—no matter what fancy publicity campaign is applied. Yet the promise lives—even though there are days it seems to crush me into the ground as the need for real revival continues to grow and my feeble efforts to not give up seem almost supernaturally ineffective—as one author so eloquently put it lately, “just pissing in the wind.”

    But my ineffectiveness does not mean the promise has failed. It simply means that my part in the deal is to not give up. When I signed my name to the other part of that spiritual covenant, my promise back to God was to stand and believe—perhaps for many frustrating years as the promise unfolds in God’s perfect timing—not to make sure it happens in human power (that won’t work btw) and then get in league with Satan by either beating myself over the head with guilt or wondering, “Did God really say…?” 

    It’s a matter of faithfulness. It’s my job to keep tilling the soil, fighting the weeds, and making sure my source of strength is coming through the true vine. The supernatural part, the actual growth and effectiveness God promised, is His job. 

    Galatians 3:3 hits this issue straight on: “Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?” (NIV)

    But I also like the “hit between the eyes” method of The Message: 

    “Are you going to continue this craziness? For only crazy people would think they could complete by their own efforts what was begun by God. If you weren't smart enough or strong enough to begin it, how do you suppose you could perfect it?” 

    But there’s loving freedom in that. We are not called to do God’s part. We are called to agree with God’s promise and stand in faith when the doubts and fears come at us in tsunami proportions.

     Chana is a wife, mom-of-four and author who brakes for old barns, homemade chocolate anything and Pride & Prejudice anytime. Look for her next novel, One Night With a Rock Star, coming to Amazon Kindle May 1, 2013.

    "Daydreams she can handle. Real life? That gets complicated."


    I Have a Dream

    God has to stretch my limited viewpoint, and often He uses dreams to do this. Take my ability to intercede for those who seem to have it all. I guess it was time for some stretching.

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