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    Three Books, One Plan

    This morning, God gave a very sweet gift of insight that left me blubbering.

    For the past ten years of praying and writing, I’ve gone with God’s leading. I’ve laughed off the fact I’m an author genre-jumper, thus a publisher’s nightmare. This morning God gave a little glimpse of the blueprint He's had in mind the whole time—

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    Drumroll Please...


    Many thanks to Yvonne of Pear Creative. Awesome job, lady!


    One Night With a Rock Star (Chapter One)

    Here's a sneak peek at something that's been simmering since 2005. Enjoy!




    As I walk toward the elaborate, new-brick home, a sense of gloom descends. Throughout my childhood this property was abandoned and ignored but I had reveled in that fact since it meant no one took notice of the frequent visits of a certain freckled tomboy with big dreams.

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    Why Do I Talk About Sex to High School Students?

    Why do I do this? Is it because I enjoy grossing you out with horror stories of what can happen, the tales of sterility and pain and nasty, nightmare growths in unmentionable places—even the possibility of dying due to disease: Am I bored? Not enough to do with a husband, four kids and a writing career I love? Is it money?

    Nah. This is for free.

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