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    This One is a Keeper!

    A professional editor and proofreader for the last 30 years, I've read hundreds of manuscripts ~ some good, some not so good. It's rare to come across a book that stands out as not only worthy of publication, but worthy of a vast readership. That's what I knew for sure when I had the good fortune to edit The Fall by Chana Keefer. This is one of a handful of books I've had the pleasure to edit over the years that actually stands out for me. As a published author of nonfiction myself, I admire a fine work of fiction such as this ~ especially because it's better than anything I could ever write!

    If you want a story you can bite off and chew on for awhile ~ not just any story, but one that grabs you and sticks with you, then read this book. If you enjoy beautiful language, and you want to enter a whole new world when you begin reading that first page ~ you'll love this book! THE FALL was a privilege to edit, and a joy to read ~ a Tolkien-like story I'll always remember.

    Full disclosure: I write this review not to gush for any monetary gain but because I truly want to do what I can to help outstanding writers like Chana Keefer to be seen and heard. I want to mention also that you don't have to be

    religious or spiritual to appreciate this book. In fact, keep reading even if it makes you mad. If nothing else, Keefer will engage you. Great writers will always piss off someone. And we readers don't have to agree on every point to share our enthusiasm for a compelling story written with heart, grit, and eloquence. I'm a spiritual healer, an avid student of the Bible and the Hebrew language, and I'm even studying with a Rabbi to be a preacher while I write my second book on prayer; however, even if you're an atheist, you're going to find yourself reading this book to the very last heart-wrenching page, and sharing it with a friend.

    Janis Hunt Johnson
    Ask Janis Editorial

    Posted on Amazon-Feb. 2013: Link 

    When a Reader "Gets It!"

    I saw this wonderful review on Amazon and... very humbled here.


    THE FALL is a novel, a work of fiction. Or is it? If you could have been there, IN THE BEGINNING... at the time of the creation of the universe and all that is in it, watched the manifestation of all things, witnessed the time of man and angels, and hundreds of thousands of years thereafter, what would you have seen? What would you have heard? What would you have felt? How would you have experienced God's Gret Love for His total creation, the Love for His Angels, and His Love of, and for Mankind?

    THE FALL is an accomplished artist's painting, with a guided brush, illustrating inspired answers to the aforementioned questions. Characters are alive, and touch the depths of the reader's soul throughout the book, sharing their thoughts, deeds, pain, joy, fear, greed, guilt, forgiveness, thanksgiving and love. You are there with them, and will find yourself laughing, crying, cringing... and even praying, as they make their choices and find direction. Your feelings and emotions will run high as you journey through the book and experience the power of God's Love and Communion, see the beauty of His Garden, and learn more of His unfathomable forgiveness for all His creatures.

    THE FALL is truly an inspired story and possibly an insight of what really happened... IN THE BEGINNING.


    Thank you, David Loomis, for those heartfelt, encouraging words.  I'm needing every burst of encouragement I can get!

    In Christ,


    And, for you, yes you, the one who has read THE FALL and has yet to do a review--God told me to tell you to get with it.  (not really, but you would have my extreme gratitude--and you'd get that good-deed-for-the-day warm/fuzzy :)

    A Blog Giveaway of THE FALL

    I am receiving some much-needed-and-appreciated encouragement today.  My incredible author friend, Laurisa White Reyes, is hosting a giveaway contest of THE FALL and has included the book trailer and an excerpt for her readers.  It's so exciting to read such positive reviews from complete strangers and have a boost of hope that this book venture can take on momentum to get "out there!"

    The link to Laurisa's blog is below.


    Please pray and, if you haven't already, please post a review on Amazon, on Intermedia Publishing, on Facebook, spraypainted on overpasses, skywriting and anywhere else you can think of.




    Click the link at the top of the page to order your copy of The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL

    Media interest topics

    While I understand that most news outlets will not want to have an overtly religious discussion regarding THE FALL, there are still many topics of interest to media audiences. 

    The non-religious topics:

    1.     How a busy mom becomes an author—sleep deprivation

    2.     Written at Starbucks—never charged for office space in five years

    3.     VERY supportive hubby and family--homeschooling helps us fit in more time for our passions--mom included--Practical lesson: passion requires tenacity

    4.     The changing publishing world—e-books and real copies

    5.     The evolving business world in general—supporting local business/embracing Goliaths like Amazon and huge bookstore chains

    6.     An author HAS to promote—whether with a major publisher or not—if your name’s not Barack or Sarah Palin, ya gotta work it!

    7.     Many avenues of promotion—website, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and (revolutionary) face-to-face conversation  (my Fave!)

    8.     Writing style compared to J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Peretti, M. Night Shyamalan, Eugene Peterson and Steven King—put together.

    9.     Story enjoyed by all ages—rave reviews ranging from 12 yr-old boy to 88 yr-old WW II vet. 

    10. Crosses gender lines—thrilled by support from male readers—hubby advised to include more battle scenes :)

    11. Feedback from many worldviews—LDS, anti-religion, traditional Judeo-Christian—all (so far) agree on enjoying the story, the writing style, and the characters.

    12. Favorite review: Good friend/Starbucks pal who is “anti-cleric” and “anti-Bible” said, “Don’t stop writing.  You’re good.  I f---n’ love it.”


    And, topics that could stir up a hornets’ nest:

    13. A marriage of science and Bible regarding “the beginning.”

    14. Interpretation of original sin—and it ain’t no apple.



    Feedback please.  Are there other topics/facets of this story--of its creation/effect/etc.--that you think should be included in this list? 


    A Favor From my Fabulous Friends

    Could I ask a super-important favor from you amazing folks who have been so supportive through this whole book venture?

    As you go about your shopping for friends and family, and you find yourself in a bookstore--ANY bookstore--ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD--would you please approach the customer service desk and ask for THE FALL by Chana Keefer??

    There has been a bit of hold-up on making copies available for point-of-purchase sales.  It's a sort of, "When there's enough demand, THEN we will make them available."

    Call it a Catch 22: the publisher can't send books until the bookstores request them and they won't request copies until they're convinced they will MOVE.

    Yes, it's backwards, but we have to deal with things as they are, not as we wish they could be.

    Therefore, let's have them all scratching their heads at this groundswell of interest in an obscure book written by some no-name in So Cal.

    Even though my percentage from sales goes down--A LOT--when they are sold on Amazon or in bookstores, the goal is to get copies into as many hands as possible and the way to do that is to make THE FALL available in as many venus as possible. 

    Your enthusiasm and support mean more than I can say.  (I would try to express it, but then this post would be WAY too long :)  Just understand that reader feedback and unexpected support have been a VERY sweet aspect of this venture--providing that all important boost of perspective that reminds me what this is all about--knowing Jesus and making Him known.

    To God be the glory.

    From a very grateful author,


    Chana Keefer is the sister, daughter, and granddaughter of pastors.
    Her fresh perspective stems from a background in journalism,
    missions, acting, and writing for print and live theater. Her favorite
    things are God, family, and the written word but she also brakes for
    chocolate, old barns, and people who live passionately. She and her
    family reside in southern California. 

    Click the link at the top of the page to order your copy of The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL

    Book Trailer for The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL!

    Thanks to the amazing talent of my hubby, I hereby present....

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/nf__m0CWtJU?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Enjoy!  Then leave those glowing reviews EVERYWHERE!! (Amazon, Youtube, FB.... )


    The Worship Factory: On Prayer, The Arts & THE FALL

    Thanks to Sue Stewart for this fun collage of our Worship Factory experience!

    Here's the link to hear the audio Worship Factory broadcast of Oct. 22nd.  Between the laughter and gab we covered tons of topics including growing up in Texas, acting experiences and the inspiration for writing THE FALL.  Thanks again, Worship Factory, for allowing me to be on your show!


    I even ended up singing an impromptu duet with Monique Donnelly of "How Great Thou Art." Man, has that gal got a set of pipes!  We also laughed in between segments about how my 11 yr-old had wondered, "What does that mean, Mom, 'How Grey Thou Aren't?'" 

    Obviously we have a bit of a hymn-generation-gap!


    Tonight on The Worship Factory!

    "You'll put a mic in front of me and ask me about God, prayer and THE FALL? How ya gonna shut me up?

    Had a very cool opportunity this week to be on KKLA's Worship Factory.  What awesome people!  We discussed Christians in "the Arts" as well as my journey of writing THE FALL and how prayer is the launch pad for all the above.At KKLA with The Worship Factory Crew: Jon Bryan, Rod Shreckengost, Chana Vowell Keefer, John Kempton Bryan, Monique Donnelly Titman, Sue Schurke Stewart and Sky Keefer.

    Be sure to tune in to 99.5 FM from 7 to 8 p.m. TONIGHT--Saturday, Oct. 22!


    Book Launch for The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL!

    Major Kudos to Genesis and Mark for the awesome poster!  Can't wait to see you there!


    My Three Seconds of Fame


    Don't know why I woke up in the mood to totally embarrass myself but here goes.

    In another life--before hubby, kids and reading glasses--I was a struggling model and actress.  What follows is my three seconds of fame on "Dallas."

    This was an amazing day for me where I got to hang out on a set, and sweat in the Texas summer heat, with the likes of Larry Hagman and Linda Gray.  I even got to meet and chat with a heartthrob of the time, Christopher Atkins, who turned out to be a nice guy who missed his pals and wanted to go to college.

    It was also a day that goes down in infamy due to one of the most embarrassing events of my life.  My agent told me to show up on the set in hot rollers and no make-up.  This was typical since it was easier on the make-up artist to start with a clean face and the Texas humidity could reduce any coif to frizz in nuthin' flat.  Obedient little me did just that, showed up sporting a clean face and a head full of rollers and pins--then rode to the set in a station wagon--with Christopher Atkins.  I'm sure he needed a cold slap of reality after romping with Brooke Shields on an island paradise.  Later, after my hour with the make-up and hair wizard, Chris actually walked by without recognizing me before his head whipped around and he stated, "Wow! What a difference!"

    Gee thanks.

    And after all that embarrassment, I still ended up with frizzy hair.

    So, here's me being rejected on national television.  Edited, just a bit, by my wonder-hubby, Mark.