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    Too Much on the Plate!


    I have to laugh when I think of how I worried when in the middle of re-writes of Rock Star, my first novel, that I wouldn’t have any more inspiration and my writing ambitions would fizzle.

    Ha!  This morning my mind buzzes with thoughts of:

    1. Compiling a study guide for parents of teens to use as a devotional/conversation sparker about creation/evolution/intelligent design, the origins of sin, tough life choices etc. based on THE FALL (or the whole Rapha Series) inspired by feedback from parents like the review yesterday from a mom who is reading it with her three teen daughters. 

    2. We’re needing to get out the audio version of THE FALL (thought about doing pre-sales and using reduced price and free t-shirt or something to kick this off.) 

    3. I could SOO easily see a support group online based on the as-yet-unpublished Sex For Life and tying in excellent material from a gal who has awesome resources on the topic—perhaps even doing a co-author thing.  Ooh.  Maybe it could be from our two marriage POVs  (ours--no sex until honeymoon, no STDs, never associated sex with fear/shame/risk) & theirs (active early, STDs, abortion, childless, & God’s amazing redemption).  Wow.  That could be so powerful.

    4. And on the front burners, I have the astounding biography, the sequel to THE FALL & even inspiration for a revision of Rock Star .  

    Yet life goes on with demands that cut the time I can invest in any of it.

    Years ago when I started homeschooling I sent an SOS to my support group titled, "How Do You People Do This!!." Elmarie, one of the experienced homeschool moms, had this to say,"We want our cup to run over with blessing, but think about that.  A cup in the middle of the table running over and onto the floor.  It's a messy thing."

    First step: be grateful for life's messy abundance.

    Recently I sent a similar SOS to my writer's support group and a prolific, far more experienced author, Staci, gave this insight, "The only way I do what needs to be done and stay sane is to pray minute-by-minute for God’s guidance, 'Lord, what needs to be done now?'”

    Second step: simplify.

    Therefore, Lord, what do You want me to do now?  I never feel I’ve done enough in proportion to all that’s in my heart, but You know how to accomplish Your plans for me.  I pray for Your timing, Your peace, Your guidance and the sealing of all the leaks in my life where motivation, inspiration and clarity seep out.  Help me see through Your eyes, breathe deep, release the knots in the shoulders, and bring it all back to simplicity—I’m just a child doing her Father’s bidding.

    Chana is a wife, mom of four and author. She and her family reside in Southern California.  Her first novel, THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1) recently topped Amazon's Hebrew/Old Testament Bestseller Category and hit #9 in Science Fiction/Fantasy.  Chana brakes for homemade chocolate chip cookies, old barns and anytime one of her kids suggests watching "Pride and Prejudice."

    Reader Comments (3)

    I love the overflowing cup illustration! Thanks for this post!

    August 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary C. Findley

    Great article on always reminding us to pray for God's direction on what to do next. I enjoyed reading it.

    August 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLisa Grace

    Blessings on your writings and ministry, Mary C. Findley & Lisa Grace.

    Keep on keepin' on even when that cup and table are an oozy mess!


    July 24, 2015 | Registered CommenterChana

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