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    Mom. Has. Had. E-Nuff.

    I don’t want to be that kind of mom. Just got so frustrated by the plate of garbage that had been sitting on the floor since yesterday morning, put there, of course by our old friend "Not me!" Then to come down the stairs to find the same plate leering from it's spot on the floor? Arrrgh.

    Certainly doesn’t make me feel like any great follower of God to morph into Mom-zilla by 8 a.m.

    Heavy sigh. Then the real fun begins as I beat the hell out of myself with continuous thought loops of, “You should have… You didn’t… If you’d only…” until I want to curl into a pitiful ball and hide.

    But the real core of that mentality? Selfishness. I don’t like seeing my faults so I want to stop the struggle. As much as I wanna look, act, think & react like Jesus, it’s a painful, die-to-self battle. Thank God He’s the one working to transform from the inside-out.

    Plus, when life heats up, even though I hate the stench of yuck rising to the surface, that’s the purifying process. If I just remain oblivious to my need (desperate need) of Christ’s life in me, nothing will change.

    But today I see that yuck, release it and die to illusions of my own perfection. Then it's time to settle into God’s love that never quits.

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