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    One Night With a Rock Star: Part Deux Launch-Week Madness!

    All week ONWARS: Part Deux has topped the charts!

    What a crazy week we've had getting this latest literary baby off and running! But, as you can see, due to amazing fans who overlooked the early digital file glitches and other Amazon issues, ONWARS: Part Deux debuted and is holding strong as #1 Hot New Release AND #2 Classics & Allegories Best Seller! This author is Blown A-Way!

    Warning: If you haven't read the book, spoilers ahead!

    Here are some excerpts from early reader reviews:

    "One Night With a Rock Star: Part Deux, surpassed all of my expectations! Usually sequels never equal up to the original, but that cannot be said in this circumstance!"

    "One Night With A Rock Star part deux was well worth the two year wait. The story continues with that agonizing cliffhanger and it is a roller coaster ride filled with angst, joy, devastation, romance, humor, suspense, mystery, loss and love all woven together with faith and grace and forgiveness and family. Chana Keefer has also woven a fabulous background tapestry with vivid descriptions of the French countryside. And in the midst of it all are these wonderful characters, Esther and Sky, who are so well drawn and real, and I love it when it is so evident that the author is in love with these people, too. There are so many ups and downs and plot twists and turns and just plain evil working against them that kept me doubting but always hoping for that happily ever after right up to the very end."

    "I have been chomping at the bit for this sequel to come out and it absolutely did not disappoint. The characters are all written so in-depth with realistic struggles and joys. What a gift to write like this!"

    "Once again, Chana Keefer, has unfolded the lives of these people whom we've grown to love in such a way that I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN! I am somewhat embarassed to admit that I cooked dinner, ate dinner, got ready for bed, etc....all one handedly because I didn't want to stop reading! (Sorry family!) I again recommend this book by Chana (as I do all of her others) that she has filled with inspiration for readers of varying ages. If you haven't already, PLEASE go read "One Night With a Rock Star" and then come back and grab "part Deux". You will thank me!"

    "The first book, for me, was full of daydreams come true. This one, becomes more real as Sky and Esther progress in their relationship and face every day challenges that a marriage brings. I love the spiritual quality in this book. Chana takes you deep, challenges your heart and leaves you feeling full of grace and love that only Christ can give."

    "One Night With A Rock Star: Part Deux is even more exciting than the first book. It keeps you
    involved from beginning to end with many twists and turns."

    "When this book went live on Amazon I snatched it up and devoured it!! I was not disappointed. I loved this book! Sky snd Esther's love story was written with such depth and purpose. Keefer's style is to write real stories about the forces of good and evil. She is not afraid to write about hard issues and how those who walk with the Lord navigate them. This book is on my short list of epic favorites."

    "It's 3:58 a.m. and I just finished this incredible book! While it wasn't what I expected, it was so much more! Wow Chana, THANK YOU!"

    "If you haven't read this book, you are missing out on indescribable beauty. Sky and Esther captured my heart in part one and forever hold my heart in part deux."


    Again, thank you SOOO much to wonderful fans of the Rock Star series who poured grace, encouragement and love out on an exhausted author to help me through this very stressful week. You guys are the BEST!!!

    Chana Keefer is wife to the best man alive, mom to four and best selling author of four.

    If Chana is not writing, she is most likely hanging out with family and friends and/or dreaming of sailing to New Zealand where Peter Jackson gives her and her family a guided tour of The Lord of the Rings movie locations. (sigh) #IshoudabeeninLorien

    Check out all of Chana's #1 best sellers: The Fall (Rapha Chronicles #1); One Night With a Rock Star; One Night With a Rock Star: Part Deux; & Servant of the King: Memoir of Modern Apostle Kemper Crabb.



    Weep, Mourn & Wail

    “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land.” 2 Chron. 7:14

    Family of God, it’s time to mourn and fast and pray and take responsibility for our sin, not the sin we see “out there” but for what is inside us. Revival begins in the House of the Lord, not among those who claim no allegiance to Him. It’s time to search our hearts and lay all our bitterness, unforgiveness, idolatries, fears and selfish egos at the foot of the cross. Weep, mourn and wail, not about the sin “out there” but about the sin in the secret places of our hearts. WE are the ones who take Christ’s blood for granted. WE are the ones who proclaim His praise then live as if He doesn’t see. WE are the ones who take God’s precious love then grind it in the dirt because we can’t love our fellow man.

    Heavenly Father, forgive us. We bow before you and confess we have so many gods before you, so many habits and fears and appetites that control us and have our hearts. May we be broken vessels, completely reliant on Your grace for our next breath, transformed on the deepest level by Your unfathomable love. We confess our laziness and self-absorption and the way we hoard the blessings you give while millions suffer without the most basic necessities. We cry out for the mind of Christ and the love of Christ to truly manifest in us. May every breath, every inclination, every desire yearn toward knowing You and making Your love known in this world that groans in the pain of bondage.

    Holy Father, please give us the Spirit of repentance. May we truly turn from our wicked ways and be transformed vessels of Your grace.

    “Then will you call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. And you shall seek me and you shall find me, when you search for me with all your heart. I will be found by you, and will lead you out of captivity.” Jer. 29:13


    The Answer to: Where's That Sequel?

    To those who have wondered when new novels will arrive, here’s the skinny. I have several works in varying states of completion. Both sequels to my published novels are unfolding at an excruciatingly slow pace, but they’re coming along.

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    One Miracle Science Can't Touch

    “They try so hard to recreate every one of Jesus’ miracles through science and technology but they can never recreate the miracle of a transformed life. That’s why Jesus said, ‘But greater things than these shall you do because I go to the Father.’”

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    2013 in Review 

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