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    A Surprising Way to Develop Character Depth

    My author’s journey didn’t start with a burning need to write or ambition to be a bestselling author. 

    It began with desperation.

    At one of the lowest points of my life I was inspired by a book about prayer-inspired revival to pray every day, first thing, for at least an hour. A year later, crazy things started to happen. 

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    Where's God in the Muck?

    I don’t want to become small in my thinking but lately I can avoid feeling small for about the length of time I can hold my breath.

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    3 Reasons To Keep the Well CLEAN

    Not only is the well the source of life-sustaining water but, from a spiritual standpoint, it’s also what we look through and hear through to receive from Father God. 

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    Wanna Know Why I'm Obsessed?

    "I started writing with no clue what had begun, much like a first kiss that can’t conceive of a mortgage and parenting."

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    Mom. Has. Had. E-Nuff.

    Certainly doesn’t make me feel like any great follower of God to morph into Mom-zilla by 8 a.m.

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