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    A Surprising Way to Develop Character Depth

    My author’s journey didn’t start with a burning need to write or ambition to be a bestselling author. 

    It began with desperation.

    At one of the lowest points of my life I was inspired by a book about prayer-inspired revival to pray every day, first thing, for at least an hour. A year later, crazy things started to happen. 

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    Wanna Know Why I'm Obsessed?

    "I started writing with no clue what had begun, much like a first kiss that can’t conceive of a mortgage and parenting."

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    I Can't Handle It

    I came to a shocking realization today. I can’t handle it.

    “It” has many definitions:

    Homeschooling the kids.

    Maintaining a happy, healthy marriage.

    Writing what I’m supposed to write.

    Managing the marketing of those writings.

    Keeping the house clean.

    Keeping the kids healthy and well fed.

    Juggling the myriad tiny tasks related to all the above.

    Plus there’s this crazy desire to save the world, especially those running from God—and all the kids and animals without proper homes.

    The result? A tired, overwhelmed, whining housewife dragging my exhausted carcass out of bed, already weighed down by responsibilities before the day even started. 

    As I prayed this morning, laying my inadequacy before God in all its glory, He came through in His customary, profound way.

    Me: “I can’t handle it.”

    God: “You’re not supposed to. I am.” 

    It comes back to the vine and branches thing. My first responsibility is to stay connected tight and strong in God’s vine. If my focus is on trying to produce fruit, I might as well blow really hard on my finger expecting an apple to pop out my ear. I’m not the source. God is. As I tend that relationship, God fills those black holes of fear with faith--faith in Him, not faith in me.

    I’m going to constantly come up against things I can’t handle, things that are bigger and stronger than me, things that sap my small store of energy and patience.

    It’s called LIFE.

    But constantly, a hundred times a day if need be, I can take ALL of it to God. 

    “Be Still & Know That I Am God.”

    I can choose to stop, re-fix my focus, sing a worship song, state the above phrase over and over or, like this morning, just collapse in His arms, cry a bit and Let. It. Go.

    Later I woke, face down, eyes puffy, nose clogged, but heart at peace. The focus was right. The raging storm was calm.

    I don’t expect the calm to last. After all, this is LIFE. But each challenge, failure, frustration and fear is another opportunity to give up trying in my strength to accomplish something of eternal worth. I can’t. But He can. 

    “Have no anxiety about anything but in everything, with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4: 6-7

    Chana is a wife, mom-of-four & bestselling author of two books: The Fall (Rapha Chronicles #1) and One Night With a Rock Star.

    She brakes for God, her family, old barns, hot chai, old movies and dreams of sailing around the world someday.

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    The Importance of Li'l Bit

    I heard a bit of a sermon on the radio yesterday that hit me between the eyes and had me shushing the kids' post-park exuberance.  The pastor was pointing out why our God-driven dreams and goals are gonna take time.

    This was especially timely for me as I grapple with the publicity & distribution of my novel, pushing this giant snowball up a mountain, blind to how far I am from enjoying some downhill momentum.  His words made me ask, “When is quick success ever a good thing?”

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    A Headache Induced Tangent

    I find it funny that, when we went through labor in the birth of our kids, and the head was out, then the baby slipped out, I thought, "The hard part's over."

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